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Max Brite Aluminum Cleaner

Acid Cleaner for use on Trucks & Trailers

Product Details

Premium Quality, Highly Concentrated, High Strength Acid Cleaner for Non-Polished Aluminum. Cleans Pitted and Oxidized Aluminum Quickly and Without Scrubbing.

Product Details: Max Brite is a blend of hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids and several surfactants. Max Bite is used to remove rust, brake dust, dirt and grime from aluminum rims and factory chrome wheels. go here   buy generic Seroquel from india Max Brite is also used to brighten Non Polished aluminum on Trucks. Do Not use on Polished aluminum, Stainless steel, or diamond plate as whitening may occur.  Keep off glass and painted surfaces as etching may occur. binaire optie is gokken

here Features

  • High Strength Acid Cleaner Works Without Scrubbing
  • Cleans Heavily Oxidized and Pitted Aluminum Surfaces
  • Super concentrated formulation


see Benefits

  • Cleans and brightens in one step
  • No heavy Scrubbing necessary
  • Very economical per use cost

  • Cleans and Brightens Non-Polished Aluminum
  • removes Brake dust on chrome, and wire wheels Directions

NOTE:  Read the product label thoroughly before using.  Consult MSDS for complete safety information before using.  Always wear protective gloves, apron, and goggles when using this product. This product will cause irreparable eye and skin damage.

Note: Do Not use on Polished aluminum, Stainless steel, or diamond plate as whitening may occur.  Keep off glass and painted surfaces as etching may occur.


  1. Ready to use or can be diluted up to 1:4 with water
  2. Apply this product to metal and wheels that are cool to the touch
  3. Test a small, inconspicuous area of metal or wheel to ensure compatibility
  4. watch Wheels – Clean one wheel at a time, spray product directly on wheel 
    1. Allow to dwell for no more than one minute.  Scrubbing may be necessary on stubborn areas.
  5. Metals – Clean small area at a time, cleaning from bottom to top.
    1. Work on one small area at a time.
    2. When working with acid cleaners start applying from the bottom and work up to the top.
    3. Allow to dwell for no more than one minute before rinsing thoroughly.
  6. Do not let product dry on any surface
  7. Rinse wheel and all metals thoroughly with hard stream of water.


Tech Tip:  

1) Wet all Painted surfaces and glass near area to be cleaned with a strong stream of water prior to use.  This will protect from over spray damage.  

2) Do not use on Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Diamond Plate, Paint or Glass. Max Brite is not a water spot remover. Do not let Max Brite dry on any surface. Keep This Product Out Of Reach of Children.

Product Sizes

Part #
Size Bottle
Per Case
111461 US Gallon 4/case4
11147C5 US Gallons (pail)1
1114955 US Gallons (drum)1

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