Red Power 2003

Super Heavy Duty High Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser

Product Details

Super Heavy Duty High Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser - Body Shop Safe

Product Details:

RED POWER the name says it all!  This is the strongest high alkaline, low foaming cleaner and degreaser we offer.  RED POWER is used for both interior and exterior cleaning. Use RED POWER on engines, black and whitewall tires, and for floor cleaning as well as general interior cleaning.Features

  • High alkaline grease cutting formulation
  • Low odor, free rinsing, rapid action
  • Concentrated formulation



  • Quickly penetrates grease, dirt, and grime
  • Acts quick and leaves little residue
  • Very economical per use cost

  • Exterior and interior cleaning and degreasing
  • Black and White Wall tire cleaning
  • Industrial and off-road equipment cleaning



Consult MSDS for complete safety information before using

Engines and heavy equipment

  1. Mix up to 5 parts water with 1 part product


  1. Mix up to 10 parts water with 1 part product

General purpose and interior cleaning

  1. Mix up to 20 parts water with 1 part product
  2. Spray product over entire area to be cleaned
  3. Allow product to dwell several minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly


Tech Tip

Do not saturate electronic components that may be sensitive to water.

Keep This Product Out Of Reach of Children.

Product Sizes

Part #
Size Bottle
Per Case
98200341 US Gallon4
98200355 US Gallons (pail)1
982003655 US Gallons (drum)1

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