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Remove Water

Diesel or Gasoline – Water is the Root Cause

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Clean your Engines to Keep it Running Clean

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A Solution to Today’s Fuel-Related Engine Problems

Enertech Labs’ fuel additives were designed by identifying today’s fuel related engine problems and formulating a solution. Engine manufacturers have noted that the root cause of downtime in high-tech engines are related to poor fuel quality and water contamination. Enertech Labs, Inc. products have clean-burn technology. We design these products to improve the way fuel burns, remove water and lower emissions. In doing this, Enertech Labs has helped thousands of customers experience cleaner burning diesel and gasoline engines that prevent coking and clogging of EGR system components and turbo chargers.

Burn Clean and Breathe Easy

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Gas RX – restores rough running, hard starting engines by cleaning carburetors/Injectors and removes water from gasoline.

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