Sludge Away

Sludge Re-liquefier & Remover for Fuel and Oil Storage Tanks

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Sludge Re-liquefier & Remover for Fuel and Oil Storage Tanks

The Hi-Tech Sludge Re-liquefier and Remover

Product Details:

Sludge Away is a powerful combination of organic and petroleum solvents that will quickly break down asphaltics and asphaltenes that settle out of fuels and fuel oils and congregate at the bottom of the tank as a thick clogging sludge. Sludge Away causes the fuel to reabsorb and hold these components in suspension until they can be burned. Sludge Away causes fuel to be atomized better by the burners for more efficient combustion and reduced emissions.

Sludge Away slows the oxidation of fuel, stabilizing it.

Sludge Away contains no harmful alcohols that can damage gaskets and seals.

Sludge Away chemically removes the water found in all heating fuels. Water that can corrode metal parts, water that mixes with the sulfur in fuel to create damaging sulfuric acid, water that can freeze in filters and fuel lines, water that supports the growth of spores and bacteria into a thick sticky slime that clogs fuel burner nozzles and plugs fuel filters. By eliminating water, you can prevent all of these problems.

With today’s Hi-Tech electronically controlled burners, the need to make older equipment last longer, the need for a high quality fuel treatment is more important than ever before.

Sludge Away’s highly concentrated formula uses only 32 ounces to treat 1000 gallons.


Key Benefits:

  • Breaks down Sludge found at the bottom of fuel tanks
  • Will break down fuel line clogs caused by sludge
  • Reabsorbs and holds in suspension so that fuel will not plug filters
  • Cleans Fuel Burner Nozzles and Pumps
  • Reduces Oxidation to Stabilize Fuel
  • Eliminates Water
  • Organic Based Formula with No Harmful Alcohols
  • Improves Fuel Atomization for Greater Efficiency and Reduced Emissions

For best results, add contents to fuel tank prior to fueling. The fueling process will ensure that complete and proper mixing takes place.Use 32 ounces for each 1000 gallons of fuel (1:4000 treatment ratio). In difficult cases you can use 32 ounces for each 500 gallons to speed the cleaning process.

For more information please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

All used and unused product and its containers should be disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.


Keep Out of Reach of Children:

Notice to Purchaser: Enertech Labs, Inc. provides no warranty of any kind with respect to the product whether express or implied including without limitation, the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any intended use or purpose; shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, liability, injury or expense directly or indirectly resulting from, arising or related to the use or application of product; shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages or loss of profits; and its liability shall be limited to replacement of the product.

Product Sizes

DescriptionSKU #Treats US Gallons
32 oz. 12/case111141000 (per container)
1 US Gallon 4/case111164000 (per container)
5 US Gallons (pail)1111720,000
55 US Gallons (drum)11119220,000

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