Are you in Compliance?

Required as of June 1, 2006

The EPA slipped one in on the entire aftermarket fuel additives market this year. They notified some suppliers in April and May of a requirement published in 2004 that all diesel fuel additives sold after June 1, 2006 be labeled to show whether or not they comply with regulations regarding Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (S-15). The regulation states that additives used in ULSD for use in 2007 or newer diesel engined vehicles for on-highway use cannot contain more than 15 ppm of sulfur.

Many popular and some well respected additives do not meet the new requirements as they used high sulfur kerosene or other low quality solvents as the carrier or even as the primary ingredient in their formulations

This regulation has had a broad effect on both the wholesale and retail marketplace in that there is a requirement that product in the distribution channels be relabeled or have additional labeling that complies with the mandate.

In English, this means that all products on distributor or store shelves have to be relabeled or labeled.  In some cases thousands of bottles, jugs, pails, drums, and totes have been pulled from inventories and returned to locations to be labeled as complying or as not complying and then redistributed. In other cases labels have been sent to distributors and retailers to do labeling in the field.

Because the regulations that took effect June 1, 2006 are so stringent and the fines are so high for non-compliance it is suggested that users should contact their suppliers to determine if products in stock comply with these new regulations.

The products should contain within their label or on a separate label on the package, statements such the ones below:

?This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal ultra-low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.”

“This diesel fuel additive does not comply with federal ultra-low sulfur content requirements for use in model year 2007 and newer diesel motor vehicles or model year 2011 and newer diesel non-road equipment engines.

All of the Enertech Labs, Inc. diesel fuel additives comply with the 2007 requirements. Those delivered after June 1, 2006 carry the label shown below.

clean diesel additive