Oil Sludging in Diesel and Gasoline Engines

More and more OEM engine manufacturers both diesel and gasoline are seeing problems with oil sludge formation and subsequent problems from oil starvation to engine parts.

Today engines are operating at much higher internal temperatures and oil is being asked to due more than ever before.

There is a basic misunderstanding regarding engines called liquid cooled. These engines expect the oil to remove 8-10% of the heat created by the combustion process. In the case of turbocharged engines, the oil is the primary coolant for the turbochargers.

With the very high operating temperatures, changes in oil technology and in many cases smaller oil pumps and reduced flows in the name of efficiency oil can break down very quickly. Oil breakdown and or deterioration leads to lower heat transfer, lower lubricating and barrier formation to protect rotating and sliding surfaces, lessening ability to hold contaminants in solution, and finally this breakdown forms sludges, plugging oil passages and keeping the oil from reaching critical areas.

While the single most important thing a customer can do is to regularly change the oil and filter, there are other ways to prevent sludging problems, and to reverse problems before oil starvation and overheating permanently damage parts.

When sludging is a concern you should consider using an oil flush. Flushes can be done using a machine with a flush additive to flush and exchange fluids. This type of flush, when properly done provides the highest level of cleaning short of tearing the engine down.

You can also use chemical additives to flush the oil system just by adding them to the oil and then running the engine for a short period of time.

Removing sludges and coatings from the inside of the engines and oil lubricated accessories allows for better heat transfer lowering internal temperatures and extending component life. You will improve oil flow allowing more oil to reach critical areas and components increasing lubrication.

Enertech Labs E-Flush will provide safe, fast, high strength, economical cleaning in diesel and gasoline engines of all sizes with or without oil flush equipment.

We suggest the use of RTI Technologies oil flush equipment.